Day Twelve.

Windsor to Plessisville.

Apparently the rest area is a popular spot for pre-dawn fishing becuse several people came and went during the night, and it’s difficult to sleep in a strange place with people showing up to do who-knows-what at a strange hour.

Sunrise at the rest area was beautiful. I woke up and packed up and Mauricienne and Nicole woke just in time to take some pictures and say bon voyage. The ride into Richmond was great, the sun peaking through the pines along the river. Finally, a sunny morning.


The Saint-François River, as seen from Richmond Bridge

Which turned into a hot day. Got terrible coffee and a snack cake at a ‘dépanneur’ (convenience store) in Richmond, but ound a nice place by the lake to enjoy it.

Richmond's Bridge

Richmond's Bridge

The Route Verte became mostly flat after Richmond and I pretty well blazed through the 40 kilos to Victoriaville where I stopped for lunch. The ride was pretty good, just real hot.

I had a terrible burger at a TGI Friday’s knockoff called Bravo Pizzeria. I was hoping for a $5 meal in a bag but everything in this town seems to be sit down so I paid $13 bucks. It was not remarkable in any way except they put green onions on it. The coleslaw was bland and the fries were fries. At least I’m full.

And sleepy. The sun is still beating down but there’s a nice breeze blowing. Church bells ringing downton. I think I’ll let lunch settle a bit more before I set off towards Plessisville.


The ride to Plessisville was quick and mostly uneventful, except for the first time on this trip I had a noticeable tailwind. For a few minutes I thought all this cycling had turned me into a super human, but then I noticed the trees were all pointed in the same direction as me.

Super Jos Louis

Super Jos Louis

Finally found what looks like a good spot to camp a few miles north of Plessisville. A little rest area just off the route and slightly below it, so the tent won’t be plainly viewable to any passersby, of which there will be few. I have seen much less traffic on the Route out in this part of the province, though I am hearing a plane for the first time in days, which is oddly comforting.


People & Bikes only.

The Route Verte is for bikes and pedestrians only.

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