Day Fourteen.


I took a ton of pictures, so see the gallery at the bottom of the page for the whole enchilada.

View from the Plains of Abraham

View from the Plains of Abraham

Feeling pretty exhausted after my day off in Québec. I walked who-knows-how-may miles, at least ten, up and down the hilly, frequently stair-y old city. I need to spend my next day off actually off.

I had a great time exploring the city. I managed to not ride my bike at all. I got up at 8 and walked over to the mall for some coffee. After that I took the bus into Old Québec which was easy. There was a time in my life when public transit seemed daunting but I guess NYC has emboldened me.

I spent the next several hours wandering around the city. The citadel, the funiculair, the Hotel Frontenac, Plains of Abraham, Vieux-Port. Around 1pm I started to get pretty hungry. I had read online about something called a ‘tourtiere quebecoise’ – a ´Québec meat pie. But damned if I could find any place that served them. I finally gave up and had something at a cafe called Buffet du Antiquite or something like that. The atmosphere was better than the food, and this is true for almost every place I ate in Québec province. I had a beer with lunch.

I felt very sleepy after such a big meal. I dozed on a park bench for about 30 minutes. Then I got up and wandered around… more sightseeing until around 6:30 I stoped into the Hotel Frontenac’s bar, the St. Laurent, for a vodka martini. Reminded me a bit of the Waldorf in NYC, except a better view.


The martini put me in a strange mood, and I had a lot of stuff on my mind as I watched the fortifications at dusk. A harmonica player was doing a sad french number. I took the bus back home, thoroughly satisfied with the day.


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