Day Twenty.

Pointe-a-la-Croix to New Richmond

Day Twenty. Woke around 7:30. Foggy and wet again. Packed up camp amid a veritable swarm of black flies. I was an unhappy camper. I was in such a hurry to get out of there that I failed to fill up my water bottles or wash my face. The flies had won.

The Foggy Foggy Dew

The Foggy Foggy Dew

The weather was cool and overcast for most of the morning. Should have been enjoyable  but I was having none of it. I was focused on coffee.

After about ten miles I found a Depanneur, but the only coffee they had was from a Keurig machine. Typical Québecoise bullshit, I thought, and continued the search.

Bad mistake. Nothing showed up for another 30 miles. I was in a hate-filled daze the entire way. The scenery was nice, as I remember, but I could not focus.

Rickety Bridge

An extremely rickety bridge

When I finally did find a depanneur with coffee it was in Nouvelle, and there was little else going on in that town. Same for Saint-Omer and Carleton-sur-la-mer. I paused briefly in Maria and heard some impromptu karaoke at the beach. Two middle aged women doing something in French that sounded pretty good, actually.

I chugged along to New Richmond, mostly occcupying my thoughts with various calculations about the number of days, miles, and time left. I should never have given myself a goal- that was the mistake that I think is leaching some of the fun out of this trip. Oh well, without a goal I might have quit already, so there’s no telling.

Guy Condo for Chief

Guy Condo for Chief of Gesgapegiag

Anyway, found a campground in New Richmond via the ever helpful ‘information touristiques.’ Does America have these? They’re grrreat.

I took a closed road (“Rue Barreé”) rather than use the detour in New Richmond. This was the day’s biggest adventure as the road was really torn up. I had to lower my bike down into a couple 5-foot trenches and cut through a cemetery on the bay which I wish I could have gotten a picture of.

Finally I arrived at the campground just as it was beginning to rain. Rather than pitching my tent in the rain I used the time to take a shower and charge my phone in the bathroom. It was still raining after that so I called Meg and by the time we finished talking the rain had stopped.

Ate the last of my food, set up camp and called it a night by 7pm. I am a wild and crazy guy. Believe it like cheez-it.

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