Day Twenty-One.

New Richmond to Paspébiac.

Went looking for a bite before bed last night and it started to rain. Everything in the tent got wet. So lame. I had to jog back and managed to get the rain fly up before a thorough drenching. Still, though, lesson learned… Never leave a tent unattended without putting the rain fly up.

It rained all through the night. It stopped just long enough in the morning for me to pack up camp but I had to store everything wet. I figured I’d dry it out when the sun came out, which it never did, but I get ahead of myself.

I had enough time to ride into town and grab coffee and a chocolate croissant at a little coffee place. Since it was next to an IGA I figured I could pick up supplies afterwards and by then the rain might be done.

No such luck. The IGA was next to a mall, which I puttered around for awhile. There was a discount store, Rossy, which had a rain suit for sale–Cheap, yes, but it looked like it might work. I forked over the $10 and left New Richmond to brave the rain.

At first it worked well, but the rain grew abnormally intense. I rode hard, the wind was against me, the rain stung my face. I kept taking it to the limit, imagining the cars that passed gaping in wonder and admiration at my dedication. I cursed the gods, shouting, “Do your worst!” like I was Lieutenant Dan.

After ten hard miles I was completely soaked. I stopped at a “halte municipal” and dried out as best I could, hoping the rain would stop. It kept on. At times in gales. Finally, around 3pm, it gave up. I was glad to get moving. All the Quebecoise people kept giving me some variation of ‘bad day for biking’ which I had to keep asking them to translate.

Rainy Day

Rainy Day

The route, for the next 20 miles, was mostly unpaved roads. The bike, recently cleaned at the rest area, immediately got dirty again. Real dirty.

The rain kept threatening to start back up and it did drizzle from time to time. When I wasn’t worried about the rain it was great to be on those quiet country roads with the cool breeze blowing all around me.

A Pedestrian Bridge After The Rain

A Pedestrian Bridge After The Rain

I had pretty much decided a hotel was in order given the wetness of my gear and the fact that this was my sixth day in a row cycling and I had camped for the past five nights without a break. I would have liked to find a laundromat but ended up drying my gear via the fan in my room at the Motel Carroll, in Paspébiac. Got dinner at a cassé-croute (“snack bar”) — a burger saumon and poutine. It was food, but that’s about all I can say. These places serve pizza, chicken, burgers, fish, eggs, breakfast – you name it – but none of it is any good.

Looking forward to sleeping in a bed tonight.

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