Day Twenty-Two.

Paspébiac to Percé.

Awoke around 8am and packed up everything. Hit Timmy Hortons for coffee and then checked out of the motel. The sun was shining but the breeze off the ocean was cool. The wind was at my back and I made good mileage.

Arty Shot of Port Daniel Gascons

Artsy Shot of Port Daniel Gascons

Stopped in Port-Daniel-Gascons to checkout their awesome train tunnel. Had lunch outside the tunnel. Chugged on.

Port Daniel Gascons Train Tunnel

The aforementioned tunnel, hewn into the living rock.

Rainstorms all around me made rainbows all over the sky in the early evening.


Well, well, well.

Bow of Rain

Damn, mommy. That rainbow is beauuuuuuutiful.

Camped near the cliffs in Percé. Might check out Bonaventure Island in the morning.


I'd live there.

Cold this evening. 40s.

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