Day Twenty-Three.

Percé to Gaspé.

Final day of biking. Awoke at the campsite in Percé pre-dawn, very cold. Even in my sleeping bag. Pulled on a long sleeve and my jeans and that helped a little bit but still shivered for awhile. The rising sun slowly warmed the tent and I fell back asleep for awhile.  When I woke again it was 8:30 and positively toasty inside the tent, though the breeze outside was rather quite cool, darlings.

Packed up and cruised down the hill toward Percé proper in search of breakfast and information on Bonaventure Island. Had breakfast at an outdoor table at some place called the Cafe Champetre– overpriced eggs, bacon, and toast, but discovered I actually like my eggs over-easy. So there’s one new thing I learned on this trip.

Percé was cool but touristy. I shopped around a bit for gifts for Meg & co, but it was the usual touristy seaside-town tchotchkes. I decided I had dallied long enough – Bonaventure was going to have to be some other time as I was ready to end the trip.

Perce Rock

The famous "Pierced" (Percé) Rock.

Immediately a huge mountain needed to be climbed just to get out of Percé. It was a grueling ten minute slog but I was rewarded with a panoramic view of mountain, town, and bay as good as anything I’d seen the whole trip. Suddenly I wasn’t so anxious for the end.

Big Mountain

Big Mountain, Hard Climb

View from the Top

View from the Top

The rest of the ride to Gaspé was pretty uneventful. I spent much of the time musing about the feeling of being on a bike- the ease of movement, the responsiveness. The commingling of man and machine.

I'd live There

I'd live there

I pulled into Gaspé about 3pm, hungry and tired. I had not much opportunity to eat as the road from Percé to Gaspé was pretty sparsely populated. I went to a very understaffed McDonald’s (noticed they had McPoutine on the menu) and then checked into my over-priced room at the Motel Adams. Did laundry, showered, shaved, and picked up some Quebecoise junk food to take back home.


At lasté, Gaspé.

The train leaves tomorrow at 3pm. If all goes as planned I’ll be back in NYC by the 27th.

Oh, impressions of Gaspé itself: A small northern crossroads type town. No exciting architecture or history that I can see- just a pass through type town. Percé had more going for it.


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