Day Twenty-Four.

Gaspé to Montréal to NYC.

Was it only yesterday I rode 50 miles from Percé to Gaspé? It was. And yet now I’m hurtling back the way I came. On a train.

Outside the Train

Outside the Train

Slept until about 9 at the Motel Adams then stayed in bed watching Looney Tunes in French for another half hour. Highly recommended.

When I did pack up camp it was different than before as I was no longer concerned with proper weight distribution as much as what I would check (vs. what I would carry-on) the train. Having that all decided I went for a (last?) coffee at the local Tim Horton’s and a donut glace l’erable (maple-glazed doughnut).

I walked around Gaspé for awhile in search of souvenirs and gifts but nothing much caught my fancy. I did pick up a cookbook and a few sweets.

Around 11:30 I checked out of the hotel and rode to the train station. The guy who worked in the ticket office, Nicholas, was the the goofiest Canadian I’ve met yet, but he was very helpful with getting me a ticket and a box for my bike.

Put the bike in the box (had to turn the handlebars in) and walked up the hill to the mini-mall, where I had surprisingly passable hamburger and terrible fries at a casse-croute (“Nic & Pic”). Tried to find a book to read on the train but no such luck. Headed back to the station and after a short wait it was time to board the train. It’s an 18 hour plus ride to Montreal. Then another 9-10 hours to NYC. So I’m in it for the long haul, but I’ll be back home in just over 24 hours.

Inside the Train

Inside the Train

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