Day Two.

Ashokan to Max V. Shaul.

Woke up feeling good. A bit damp from the dew but that’s to be expected. Broke down the tent, packed up, and was on my way.

A short ride into Phoenicia where I ate an orange on a bridge over a small creek. The morning was sunny and cool. I stopped for coffee at the local trading post and got moving.

A few short breaks and some nice scenery brought me into Prattsville, where I grabbed some groceries from Jim’s Great American. I hiked up the mountain to Pratt Rock, a scenic overlook often favored by Zaddock Pratt himself. This might not look it, but it’s a long way down.

The view from Pratt Rock.



Took county road 7 through Gilboa, where I switched to Highway 30 and the looming rain finally caught up with me. I ducked into a Picnic area and found some shelter, and in the time it’s taken me to write this the rain seems to have let up.

GilboaGilboa Bridge




Made it to Max. V. Shaul State Park around 4pm which put me right at 54 miles for today. It started to rain again when I was setting up my tent but I managed to get it up and inside before I got seriously wet.

The ground that I’m camping on is very stony however, and I managed to smash the tip of my finger with the rock that I was using as a hammer. Good thing I packed the band-aids.

On the road to the campground right around Breakabeen, I was riding past a great many corn fields when a wonderful smell began to fill the air. As it grew stronger  I thought it was lavender, however it turned out to be a huge field of sunflowers. I wish the pictures could convey the smell.

Sunflower field

I had initally intended on not using GPS but it’s been such a huge help in finding cool bike routes that I’ll be needing to keep my phone charged for awhile. I’m not sure how that will work in Canada, though.

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