Day Five.

Schroon River to Crown Point.

Not sure whether I am stronger or weaker from the previous four days. Today started out tough because my phone would not connect and I got kind of lost on Schroon River Road. It was mostly unpaved and very scenic, though. I am losing my fondness for unpaved roads. However, I did come upon a waterfall in the woods, which I commemorated by taking my first ‘nature shit’.


A beautiful place to shit in the woods.

The road had hardly any traffic so I figured I’d just squat behind the nearest boulder. Of course, immediately someone drove by. Hopefully they thought I was just a hiker inspecting the local flora, identifying a rare orchid or a particularly interesting caterpillar. Although I feel like it must have been pretty obvious that I was dropping a deuce. Nature.

I finally found my way back to a main road and a friendly local cyclist suggested I bike along Brant Lake towards Hague. He said it was pretty nice. And the lake was nice, but he neglected to tell me I’d be climbing a mountain for four miles into Hague. It was harsh, dudes. The sun was beating down most of the time (I still haven’t picked up sunscreen) and I had not even gotten coffee. But I pushed on like an ant climbing a dorito. A steeply tilted dorito.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore I suddenly felt a strong, cool breeze all around me. The bike became as light as a feather and with hardly any effort I was sailing at high speeds. The terrain still looked flat, but I was going fast. I was ready to chalk it up to a divine wind, when suddenly I began going downhill for serious. The next four miles were the most pleasant I have ever traveled. The speed cooled me down, no need for pedaling, and the bike handles like a dream when it’s moving at high speeds. I can take sharp turns at almost full speed.

That put me in Hague, where I chatted with an old lady about Ticonderoga and cycling. She recommended a restaurant in ‘Ti’ called the Hot Biscuit, which after a relatively painless ten miles I can report is not bad at all. I found a laundromat and am currently digesting my lunch and washing my clothes. Not sure whether I’ll stay in Ticonderoga tonight or press on to Port Henry, about 16 miles north.




Decided that it was best to move north after checking the rates at the local Super 8 and discovering there was no vacancy. I pushed on to Crown Point and I’m glad I did. I found a campground run by a nice old guy, Bob, who only charged me $10 bucks to pitch my tent. So if you’re ever in Crown Point, check out the RV park. Bob rocks.

The weather here is very strange. There’s a rainy, stormy wind coming off the lake but the sun is shining on the other side. The breeze feels great. I feel pretty tired– ate a big late lunch. I did pick up some local peaches and cherries today from a fruit stand that were great.

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